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10th September 2016

'Accumulated Knoledge' EP. Sold Out.

It's the end of an era as the remaining copies of the 'Accumulated Knoledge' EP have now all been sold. We came across a batch of these records about 3 years ago after 17 years in storage. They were put up for sale on Discogs as well as here at the Fine Balance website and sold out in a matter of a few months.

Sold Out - Accumulated Knoledge EP

All that remained after that were some faulty copies that had been stored incorrectly and as a consequence had become a slightly warped. However the damage wasn't all that severe so we decided to sell them off at a discounted price.

We sold the final copy last week - so those who were fortunate enough to get a copy can now go and sell them on Discogs for a handsome profit. Just kidding. . . well sort of. ;-)

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